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Hi does anyone know how much pat o neill costs for up do and blow drys thanks
rigot09 Posts: 53
no sorry
blondie05 Posts: 32
Hi ya its 60 for an up do. Thats for an ordinary one, for a bridal party he charges 600 aprox, He doesnt really like discussing prices
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
I booked pat for my wedding and after dicussing how many I had(bm) ,where I lived etc he was just going to say goodbye and I asked him how much he was [b:3crnwte4]€500 [/b:3crnwte4]for 4 heads,3 upstyles I knew he didnt wanta tell me no wonder at that price :ooh
rigot09 Posts: 53
no wonder...thats a mad price..does he know its a recession !!!!!! :eek
MammyCarrie Posts: 36
OMG - I Love That Man!! He put me so at ease on my wedding day and really surpassed all of my expectations. I am based in Kildare and was getting married in Killarney. I didn't get a chance to get a run through so it was all left to chance. I think I paid less than €400 and that was for me and two bridesmaids and 3 blow drys for my mum, sis in law and niece. He also made space so that my make up lady could set up and work on our faces at the same time!! Legend!! ... =664585125 PM me and I can attach more photos!!
gagamama Posts: 204
Wanted some updated info on Pat girls?? God, he's really jacked up the prices :eek . He did my sister's hair and 2 bridesmaids for €60 a head 4 years ago. I have him booked for my wedding party but A) Can't arrange a trial because he hasn't responded to any of my messages. B) Having second thoughts now that I see what he's charging. Has anyone had him for their wedding lately??? I know he's really nice and all that, he was my hairdresser for years.Can his prices really be justified??
Emile Posts: 78
I rang him recently as I am attending a wedding in Killarney next month and he quoted me 90e for an upstyle......needless to say I didn't book him!
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
His prices are crazy and in my opinion hes not worth it Kerrygirl2010 if i was you i would go and book someone else,he must not be interested if he is not replying to your e-mails he would want a wake up the celebs hairdressers wouldnt be charging like him
gagamama Posts: 204
Nicely put there Lady Jane.Think I'll look elsewhere O:|