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Irish Aussie Posts: 3
Hello all... My first post as a patiently waiting proper bride-to-be!! I'm not yet engaged.. But... The ring has been purchased and is now in hiding!! We decided to pick the ring together (well I decided we needed to pick the ring together!!) and we have it since April but my OH reckons he needs some control over the engagement and has decided he will surprise me by proposing when least expected... So ladies.. my question to you is... when is least expected because I'm about to crack up??????!!!!haaaa..... Sorry for offloading, but I am forbidden to opening my mouth to anyone.. Surely this is allowed though as technically I haven't opened my mouth!! :o0
Charabelle Posts: 17
Ah thats so exciting. We picked the ring together as well, then he took control over the proposal. I managed to not tell anyone, one of the hardest things I've ever done. There was so much wedding talk around that time with the royal wedding. We got engaged last May just before we were due to go on holiday. I was expecting him to propose on holiday but he did it before so was a real surprise :lvs It's not easy waiting but it's totally worth it. I was so glad I didnt tell anyone we had bought the ring, everyone's reaction was so wonderful. Now the wedding is 3 weeks away and I cant wait. You have a lot to look forward to with the engagement and the wedding plans, enjoy every minute :)
Whoohoo Posts: 148
Same for us we picked the ring out in feb last year and it was so hard to keep quiet. We were due to go to new York in April and he always said no way would he do it there it's way to obvious so 5 nights came and went abs not a thing on our last night there I has one too many margaritas and was being stubborn about going up some steps and there and then he dropped on his knee. Never knew it was coming and it was do much better because it was unexpected
dreamscometrue2012 Posts: 1769
I'd say your on tender hooks at the moment...very exciting!! let us know when he pops the question!!! p.s this doesn't count at all :o0 :o0
tippbride2012 Posts: 188
I can't say i was exactly the same as we didn't buy the ring, but we know we were getting married some day and my OH is travelling in 2013 so in order to get married this year, i presumed he'd propose in 2012. So when we planned a weekend away, to Paris, sure you can't but imagine that this is it. but i was so nervous. What if he didn't do it over there. What if he did it on the last night and i was there all weekend on pins. but he ended up doing it on the first night there which was great as we had the rest of the weeked to celebrate and didn't tell anyone (except stranger in bar) until we got back home and told families in person. but two tings.... first even though you know, it wills till be a lovely surprise. I think i was just in shock as he had bought the ring, so you'll be able to just enjoy the moment since you know the ring. When it will be, is anyone's guess. Most guys (i think) usually try to do it away somewhere. but then there are those that will just do it near home, maybe when ye are out for a walk sometimes or in one of your favourite places. But try not to think as it will drive you around the bend. Second, start taking care of your hands (if you aren't doing it already). Last summear i started diligently (well more than i was before) taking care of my hands and nails. As they are usually a bad state of affair, i'm happy to say by the time it did come around, i had half decent nails and no cuts.
MrsAmy Posts: 983
We did the same, bought the ring, and then OH decided to choose when he was going to propose! I would say though that I had a fair idea it was going to happen and when, just by the cut of him!! :-) He's not the best at keeping things secret! Lol, we know each too well!!
amthee Posts: 688
You must be sooooo excited! We had discussed getting married, as in it was going to happen some day but never went into detail. He proposed while we were on holidays for three weeks, we picked the ring together and I couldn't tell anyone until we got home - the longest two weeks of my life so I can only imagine you are fit to burst with excitement. You will be showing off a lovely rock so as already said look after your nails. I had a lovely french manicure for over a month after we got engaged just to show off my ring! :o)ll :o)ll
Irish Aussie Posts: 3
Thanks everyone for the replies... Now I'm even more excited!! :compress It is sooooo hard biting my tongue especially as its wedding season and when the girls get together that's the only bloody topic of conversation!! But I know it'll be worth it when it happens! And yes, the nails have been preened within an inch of the their life since the day we got the ring.... I'll keep ya's informed.. Could be waiting a while tho!! :duh:
secretbridie Posts: 359
I know exactly how you feel - I was in the same position not so long ago - hence the name!! It's so worth keeping stum about it. I am so glad I hadn't told anyone. We went an chose the ring - which in itself was unplanned - we went to look in the window as we were passing (as we have been doing for about 6 years!), but the shop we bought in didn't actually keep rings in the window so we went in - 10 mins & three rings later we had bought! H2B then says - "I'll need about 6 weeks". He lasted two. Meanwhile i'm getting manicures like there's no tomorrrow - just in case!! I never thought I'd last - really felt like I was going to explode with the excitement, but the fun we had going around tellin all of our relations is the most fun we've ever had. The excitement of now is nothing in comparison to how you feel when you get to wear your fabulous ring & show it off to everyone. Enjoy every minute of it when it happens - it really is the most special time!