patterned card?

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dewdee Posts: 444
I'm trying to find some funky card for making our invites and I'm wondering if anyone has spotted any online or in the shops? Something like the patterns you see on wallpaper these days? Any help would be much appreciated :o)ll
blissful2b Posts: 1555
if you are talking about wallpaper patterns, the flock and damask designs are in lately so thats what you might be looking for. do a google search. hard enough to get card pieces in this but if you have your own printer you can find a pattern you like online and then print it out. also you could try a craft shop like inspiring ideas. they usually have a good stock of card/paper in all sorts of designs.
thepetals Posts: 532
[img:71dcq0kx][/img:71dcq0kx] or in white [img:71dcq0kx][/img:71dcq0kx] is this what your looking for or am i way off base... P
dewdee Posts: 444
hey guys, thanks for this. You know what I never knew it was called flock and damask but thats some of the patterns i've been looking at - l love it :o)ll petals the image isn't coming up for me but i ahd a quick look at the website - were you looking at the black invites? if so thats sort of what i'm looking for but with a mix of colours i think... thanks guys!
dewdee Posts: 444
Thanks thepetals - for some reason i can see the images now - thats along the right lines but would love something with some colour - cheers!
mrsmcgee2b Posts: 241
hi ya not meaning to hard sell but we have just made selection of ones in lilacs, blues and pinks..that may suit you better only thing is not sure how to upload images onto this site or i can email you images..card stock at our workshop so not on hand at the moment but can do this 2moro for you..let me know if your interested..they are also very affordable