paul mckeena vs calorie counting

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classygal Posts: 436
Hi all, This may seem a bit dull for a friday night, but just wondering if I should start a proper calorie controlled diet, usually try to keep to the principles of paul mckeena (very difficult!) and the weight loss is so slow... have a stone or so to loss of baby weight, dd is 9 months old in 2 weeks. Logic of 9 months to gain, 9 months to lose it is getting unlikely that l'll achieve it! Its so hard to calorie count and have no will power! Should i try and restrict (really want to see some results) but bit put of my the whole paul mckeena is 10 x a successful as a diet thing... what do you think? and how many calories to restrict to ? Still b/f but not exclusively
kk2011 Posts: 67
What way does Paul McKenna work? Suppose the basics of weightloss is that you should use up more calories than you consume - so once you're burning more than you're eating you'll lose the weight.