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donegal bride Posts: 46
Thanks for the replies everyone! Think we're just going to pay for our parents' rooms. Ideally, if our budget allowed us, we'd love to pay for our bridesmaids and best men's rooms as well, but it's just an extra expence that we really can't afford :o( Just wondered what the done thing was cos didn't want to be seen as a meanie! Don't feel so bad now :wv
blushybride Posts: 32
Oh GOD!!! I hope not!! Never even thought to budget for that!! My H2b's parents are paying for his siblings (two bros who are BM & GM anyway) but my 2 BMs are friends.... another dilemma to add to the pile! :o0
misssaucie Posts: 258
[quote="ambride":1d8atsg3]We only have to pay for the Best Man and the Bridesmaid as the hotel gave free room for both sets of parents :o)ll[/quote:1d8atsg3] Same as! Any hotel we looked at the parents rooms were "free", thought it was the norm?
MrsMuttly Posts: 377
We ot our parents rooms for free, it wasn't offered, we asked for it and got it no problem at all... As for rooms forthe bridal party, I really can't afford too.... I am having 3 bridesmaids and 3 grromsmen @ €109 for each room is €654 that I really don't have like..... Plus I'd rather have that €654 as spending money for our honeymoon.. I'm sure your bridesmaids / groomsmen won't mind paying for themselves, you have paid for everything else for them on that day.......