Paying MOG and SIL hair and make-up?

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hattiedee Posts: 358
Are people doing this? I was thinking I should as we'll be paying for my Mum and sisters (bridesmaids) so fair's fair!!(And it would be a nice treat for them on the day of course..) Should I organise someone for them or let them sort it themselves and pay the bill. Anyone doing this?
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
I'm not having any adult bridesmaids so it's just me and the two Mams I'm paying for, for hair and make-up. I don't feel I HAVE to pay for FMIL at all, I want to and am also getting a good deal from the hairdresser. My sister is doing the make-up so there's no cost there, FMIL will buy her own make-up, my sister will just put it on her! I figure FMIL is part of the bridal party so that's why I'm including her, and I know she'd love the craic in the house on the morning of the wedding. Not paying for my sisters, my own sister in law (my brother's wife) or FSIL, none of them are in the bridal party as such and they're grand to just do their own hair and make-up. I wouldn't worry about it at all, it's not something that's expected or that you 'should' do really, only if it's something you can afford and would like to do as a gift to them.
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
We paid for BMs and my mum. I don't think there is any necessity (or expectation normally) to pay for MIL & SIL.
Layla_D Posts: 80
I have this exact same problem. Were all going to be getting ready at the hotel where the weddings on as well be there the day before. but I dont want my hair and make up people stretched doing more people and running out of time for me (selfish I know!!). But I also dont want to leave them out. Im torn!!
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I'm paying for myself and bm's and both mam's. i don't mind as it's the only thing i'm paying for for MOG. if it wasn't alot extra and you could afford it it might be a nice gesture? especially as you'll all be together on the morning. Maybe book two make up artists so that everyone will be done quicker?
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I didn't pay for my MIL anyway and don't have any SILs on that side. I paid for me, my 2 BMs(sisters), my mother, SIL (brothers wife), and BILs girlfriend. They were at the house that day anyway and the make up artist said she could do 6 faces no problem so I thought why not. My MIl is on the other side of town and rarely wears make up anyway so she wanted to go to someone she alreday knew.
lilly10 Posts: 133
I m hoping to offer to pay for them (depending on how much extra its going to cost) but whether or not they take me up on it is another thing. I think they'd like the excitnment in the house too. SIL is due a baby the week of the wedding so I don't think she'll be up for it but I'd really like to include my MIL2B. having said that anyone i mention it to thinks im mad to be even considering it!!
Cairn Posts: 313
I offered this to mog. But she declined said she would prefer her usual hairdresser. Im not complaining :o0