Paying on Credit Cards, is it better?

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summer09 Posts: 807
Hello, Someone mentioned that you should get all the big deposit stuff on credit cards as it protects you if something should go wrong? Does this include debit cards or just credit cards? :compress
santaswedding Posts: 4
On a credit card you are protected, in such a way as if you do not receive your product or dont receive exactly what you are paying for you can contact your credit card supplier who will investigate and in most cases refund you the money and will themselves go after the others for their money back.
Cork_girl Posts: 525
In the UK the minimum you have to spend is £100 to get help if anything goes wrong, don't know if the same applies in Ireland. We've also just got a new cc with a long interest free period for new purchases so will put most things on that and keep the money in the savings a/c for a bit longer and earn as much interest as we can. HTH
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Things are go wrong, regardless of if your paying by Cash, Credit card, or Debit cards.. My advice, anything you order whatever method of payment you use, Always get a reciept., If needs be photcopy the recipt and get a folder to keep them in, if ordering on the net, make sure you print the email reciept, and check to make sure you order is exactly.. I won't use a credit card (don't trust myself with one) :o0 :o0 but i do use the 3v credit card, you have to top it up b4 you can use it, min is 20E and max is 350E.. If anything goes wrong with any method of payment your reciepts are legal Documents..