paying photographer before wedding

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happyday08 Posts: 38
I was wondering if anyone else has had to do this. We knew when we booked the photographer over a year ago that they required full payment 6 weeks before the wedding, so we have agreed to do this. I know that this guy has a great reputation and I'm sure he will produce a great album.... But i was wondering if anyone else has had the same request from their photographer? :wv
LAdancer Posts: 445
Our photographer has told us that full payment is required 2 weeks before the wedding, which tbh I'm not happy about (I never get paid for work before I actually do it haha) but I am gonna be request a written confirmation on EVERYTHING we have agree (how long it will take for the album, amount of photos etc) xx
Kop Mama Posts: 804
We dont have to pay photographer untill day of wedding I thought that this was standard. I dont think i would be comfortable with paying that far in advance.
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
I would be very cagey about paying the full balance before the wedding. We were supposed to but I refused, paid him half before and he'll get the rest when we get the album!!! You have nothing to come back on if your photos turn out badly!!!
jadem Posts: 1787
Its on our conditions to pay b4 wedding. Once you pick wat u want.I don't mind his stuff is brill and one less bill on the day.
Linda H Posts: 1151
paying him 25% before the wedding and balance on the day
funkyfish Posts: 7626
when i see my pics he'll get the balance
kelsar Posts: 690
We have to pay 1/3 as deposit, 1/3 on the day and the balance when we get the photo's. Dont think I would be inclined to pay before my wedding, would be scared he wouldnt turn up or something. But thats just me sceptical to the last.
looey Posts: 624
We pay 10% deposit 40% 6 weeks before and €50% when we get the final albums and prints, so thats about 6 months after!!!
Picasso Posts: 645
We paid in full 2 weeks before the wedding but had a contract signed with the photographer stating terms & conditions