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Anonymous Posts: 24542
i'm a bit concerned about handing over cash on the day in case payment is questioned at a later date. is it acceptable to pay everyone by cheque?
milis Posts: 7998
Our band has requested cash :o0 In light of that I think there are a few other people I'll pay cash too, but the hotel will be getting a cheque -and I'll be hoping it won't bounce :o)ll
mrs08 Posts: 1220
The larger amounts I will pay by cheque and some of the smaller balances in cash I think... Don't want to be carrying round too much cash on the day! *) :wv
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Ask them what they would prefer and if you are feeling cheeky, ask them what price for cash - I've had at least one supplier tell me that paying them by cash will be cheaper. If you are worried, give the Best Man a list of the payments and ask the supplier to sign against theirs as record of receipt.
newyear08 Posts: 580
Good Idea about Signing for there Payment I would be a bit worried aswell if someone came back & said they never got paid plus carrying around that amount of money
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
All of ours bar the hotel have requested to be paid in cash on the day, I will be asking for a receipt in return, I will let them know in advance that I will be requiring a receipt upon payment, don't want them saying they never got paid and having no way to prove they were!!!
wannababba Posts: 1161
what myself and my h2b have done is set up an envelope system, we have an envelope for each item relating to the wedding i.e vido, phtoographer, band, etc etc etc, and each month we put money into an envelope untill the cost of that item has been reached then we move on to the next one and so on and so forth, that way when it comes to the wedding day we'll know that each item is all accounted for and in an envelope ready to be handed ot the supplier, or what we could do is bring the envelopes to the bank and change the cash to bank drafts. I'll be giving all the envelopes to my bro who is the groomsman to hand out
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
thats a very good idea glitterprincess, I might suggest that to H2B tonight, at least that way you are saving and for specific items... brilliant.. hope you don't mind me robbing your idea? :o0
wannababba Posts: 1161
not at all, have to say it is working out really well, I find it easier to look at the envelopes and see whats paid for and whats nearly paid, and whats left etc etc. just stash it away well and dont advertise it as you dont want a break in or anything like that!!!!