Hi Ladies Quick one for you. I was out sick last year for 10 months and wasn't getting paid only the social welfare €185.80 or whatever it was. I have a mortgage, loan and a credit card (like most of you I hope). I let my apartment out which was grand. I have payment protection on both the loan and credit card. I sent off for both and only the bank I have the loan with came back to me and my loan was paid for me for the 10 months. The credit card bank never acknowledged my enquiry. I requested the stuff twice and gave up after that (more important things to worry about). However, I was out of work sick for the past 3 weeks and was late by 1 day paying my credit card payment and they have charged me for this despite me ringing them to tell that it would be a day late. My question is - is it too late now to try and claim back all the payments or % of the payments that I paid to them while I was out sick? Thanks