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shaundow Posts: 269
Hi all Just wondering what is everybody doing in relation to paying off things before the wedding? Are ye paying off things in full or what? I dont really want to pay photographer, band, videographer etc in full before as what happens if they crap or dont show on day cuz they paid? What are all ye doing, wold be great to hear. Thanks all :wv
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
hiya. What were doing is paying deposits, making sure we get receipts. Then have an account where were putting the money and the week before going to sort draft cheques out. On the day one of the groomsmen will be in charge of handing out the envolopes that have the draft cheques. to the suppliers individually.
chaos Posts: 1904
im paying the photographer afterwards, will pay him some of it before hand though. video - when i get it, flowers etc that week, band that day. hotel 2 days before. If you find them crap you still have to pay them!
shaundow Posts: 269
Thanks all for replies Will keep it all in mind O-O
Miss Muffet Posts: 612
I'd be very wary of paying anything in full before the wedding. Maybe I'm pesimistic, but in this economic climate who knows what state a supplier's business will be in by the time your wedding comes around. Stick to just giving out deposits. Most of the suppliers I've been spekaing to have said that balance will be due on the day or the day after.
woggie Posts: 830
For most suppliers we've secured them with just a deposit with the balance to be paid on the day. In the case of the photographer we pay 75% on the day and the balance once we receive the final photo's
Mrs Tayto Posts: 305
Don't pay full money before, only deposits. With video/photo shouldn't pay full amount before getting the final product. Make sure you check their terms before handing over money, our original photographer wanted all money on or before the day, no way was I going to risk that going wrong so found another.