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Linda H Posts: 1151
Hi All, Would you ladies be so kind to share your stories with me, as in treatment etc. Would really appreciate it, having a crap day :weep :thnk
ladybirdy Posts: 157
Hi there I have PCOS and am currently 28 weeks pregnant with our second baby and have a beautiful DD who just turned 2. First time round we started TTC and my periods stopped! I knew there was something odd and hounded the docs also went to SIMS clinic, turned out I had PCOS, was put on Clomid and then had miscarraige 3rd cycle - then SIMS put me on tamoxifen and pregnyl for timed i ntercourse, third cycle got pregnant with DD. All in all took around a year to get PG. I assumed we would need treatment for TTC number 2 but came off pill and conceived first month - sadly early miscarraige but then conceived naturally 3rd cycle trying, bit shocked we got so lucky - I had had a scan with SIMS to check ovaries - second month off pill and still had PCOS but was ovulating myself. So all in all don't panic, I have no idea how long you have been trying or how severe your PCOS is but from what I have read the majority of women with PCOS conceive it just takes a bit longer and some help. I also had acupuncture which I found great for relaxation and tried to eat a low GI diet, oh and both times I conceived (successfull PG's) I was taking metaformin, supposed to help prevent miscarraige. I know it can be really hard but there are lots of successful stories out there If you have any questions just let me know :wv
mrswed0505 Posts: 444
[quote="mrswed05/05":216p83j9][quote="mrswed05/05":216p83j9]Hi girls just thought I would fill you in on my story it might give you some hope. I know every one is different it might not be the same for ye. I have PCOS for years I was put on dianette years ago so I would get a period and to see would it help with the excess hair. I was off it 8mths when my doctor referred me the HARI unit in the Rotunda Hospital. i didn't get an appointment for another 6 months approx. in this time I only had 1 period in 16 months. The doctor told me in a kind way that i was overweight and that he couldn't really give me anything to ovulate till I lost the weight. But he did put we on glucophage to see if it could help me loose the weight and maybe help to bring on a period. This bit might sound silly since i had started to TCC i used to do a test every 2 months as I was never getting a period so the way i looked at it was there was a possibilty i could be but knowing each time it would be negative. About 5 months after starting to take the glucophage i found out i was pregnant. I now have lovely son. Sorry this is so long but just thought i would tell ye a bit of the backround aswell. This site was a lifesaver to me when we were TCC.[/quote:216p83j9] Sorry girls I haven't read all the posts. I have just quoted myself there from Feb 09 and just to fill on what happened since. For the first time in my life from Feb to April I got 3 periods 3 months in a row but then nothing. Then in June because it took us so long to TCC for ds we decided to try for no 2 as it looked like my irregular periods were back and we have to be trying to a year again before we could do anything. Then in September i found out I was pregnant again as I hadn't had a period since April I used to do the test every 2 months again just incase. Sorry If this is another one of my long post it is just I wanted to give ye some hope.[/quote:216p83j9] Sorry being very lazy just quoted myself again from an old post hope this helps.
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
ah dont be sad, its a hard road, but fingers crossed for you it will be worth it in the end. I had PCOS and Endo, had 3 laps, to clear me out and I've been on loads of herbal treatments, and going to healers etc since I was 25. I'm 32 now and 32 weeks preg on my first. It took a full year of trying and I firmly believe it was the acput, he got my system right. best of luck.
Linda H Posts: 1151
Girls thank you so so much for your stories :thnk . Am much better today just was having a bad day yesterday. I really appreciate hearing those stories. It really does mean alot, infact you made my weekend. Just to fill you in on me. I have done 6 months of Glucophage and am on my first month of clomid. On day 21 and have not got a positive :o( . Doing Accupuncture and the plan is one more cycle of clomid and then referral. Wishing you the very best of luck with both your pregnancies xxx (Thank you again)
cosy days Posts: 1014
Linda, it is a hard road, but you never hear stories of pcos ladies never conceiving, it seems to always happen eventually. I found the glucophage great for my skin but didn't make me ovulate, i ovulated once afte lap on clomid but it stopped working and then went on to puregon injections with timed intercourse and this worked after a couple of months. i know how you feel but it will happen hun. Let us know how you get on xxx