Peacock Feathers

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adorabelle Posts: 880
I love them but are they bad luck????
Layla20 Posts: 1089
I remember my Granny giving out to me when I was small for bringing them into her house, something to do with the evil eye?? But if you like them I wouldn't let it worry you!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Never heard about that before. I think they're stunning, to hell with the old wives tale! If you like them, go for them IMO :wv
Towniegirl Posts: 881
I agree with Noodlehead. If you like them go for it and its something different. I never believe the old wives tales!
adorabelle Posts: 880
Thanks ladies, I love them and have want that colour scheme - though I could bring in little bits and pieces of peacock to add to the vintage look... Am getting mixed opinions when I google it so I wanted to see what you thought.... :thnk
jdawg Posts: 171
I didn't realise they were supposed to be bad luck at all! I love them and was thinking of having them on the button holes and maybe as part of the hairpieces for my BM's hair as their dresses are peacock blue. I'm getting mixed reactions too, really love them though.
adorabelle Posts: 880
I want do the exact same thing - have found loads of stuff online. MY HTB said it last night when I was telling my mum but he's not one for superstitions and stuff......he just remembered it from when he was a kid. I'm still going for it - they are beautiful and the colours are fab!
jdawg Posts: 171
Damn right! I'm gonna do it too! I just googled it there and from what I've read it really depends on the culture. In China, India and Ancient Egypt they are seen to bring good luck. Apparently the bad luck thing comes from Mogol tribes who invaded areas of Eastern Europe wearing them in war and therefore people associate them with bad things. Western Europe started to see them as bad luck in the 20th century. To hell with them! I'm siding with the ancient civilisations here! Peacock feathers for everyone! :o0
adorabelle Posts: 880
I'd even hire a few to run around the garden but the feckers would probably hide under a tree or something....... :o0 :o0
Cathy34 Posts: 1068
My friend is using them as pew ends - I am going to be a Bridesmaid next August :o)ll