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jill80 Posts: 565
Girls, Anyone spoken recently to consultant about this? I'm really worried as was told by a nurse not to avoid them, as avoidance can cause allergy so I've eaten a few past two days. But just now speaking someone else, said but your DH has asthma so big no-no(but neither of us has nut allergy). I looked online and the reports are so conflicting. Nothing in info I got from hospital. I'm just really worried, what if I've done wrong thing and damaged the bump? Anybody eat them wjile pregnant and all okay??
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
There are two schools of thought on it ... first - avoid at all costs, so as to prevent exposing the baby to them and developing an allergy second - if neither you or your OH, or your families, have a peanut allergy, then there's no need to avoid them. The second is what my own GP told me, and she would be very level headed about everything, so I have eaten some peanuts in the past few weeks. I'm not worried, no allergies in either family to peanuts.
Salander Posts: 1639
According to the pregnancy books i have read its ok to eat them unless you or hubby has an allergy to peanuts. One was by the Irish Consultant - can't think of his name - dang this memory loss thing! I have been eating tracker bars and i'm 9 weeks pregnant mm tracker bars mmm!
desperate4bfp Posts: 316
supposedly if you or partner have an allergy to peanuts, eczema or asthma you should try to avoid nuts but to be honest with you I wouldnt worry too much.
jill80 Posts: 565
Thanks girls, thats put my mind at ease. DH has the asthma but he can eat peanuts with no reaction. I'll prob leave them out for rest of time, but only cos I'm a worrier. Thanks for letting me know what GP said. So confusing when there so much diffrent info out there Thanks for your replies :thnk
09Dreams Posts: 260
All I know for definite (cause I've a midewife friend in UK) is that the NHS guideline is not to eat peanuts because of links to asthma and allergies. All other nuts are OK, peanuts are from a different nut family apparently. Hope that helps
missust Posts: 370
i told my gp that i'm like the crunchy nut cornflakes ad-i just cant resist. he just laughed and said that all nuts are fine so long as you or partner dont have allergy. i'm happy with that. dont miss alcohol but couldnt do without nuts.
mrs butterfly Posts: 223
ladies i was thinking the same....i love peanuts...but in the books i have read it says that if your hubby even suffers from hayfever to stay away from them!!! so as my hubby does suffer from hayever and dust allergies....i haven't touched them .....but just to clear this it only peanuts to avoid???? coz i have been avoiding them all and i love them.....even having cravings for them but i suppose its because i was avoiding them.....
neeov Posts: 4256
Here is an overview of the study It points to daily consumption and indicates that they think peanut butter is the main source of nuts in the diet. It does not say that these women had allergies themselves. Pity there is no more detailed information, like its ok to have 10 peanuts a day etc.