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SophiaTheFirst Posts: 541
I'm definitely a pear shape and while I'm lucky enough to not carry any extra weight on my top half, I'd love to lose a few pounds and tone up my bum, thighs and legs. I go to the gym regularly and include step classes, body toning classes and running. Nothing is really changing! Has anyone any specific exercises that might help? I'm starting to think more about honeymoon bikini's now!! Thanks for any tips.
quagmire Posts: 45
Hi Pretzel, i too am pear shaped and would love to know how to get rid of those extra pounds arond my lower half and tone up. i play team sports -soccer, camogie, but it does not target those areas, i am thinking of going to the gym or swimming but not sure what is the best type of excerise for the bum/thigh area. :wv
SophiaTheFirst Posts: 541
I went to a Bums Legs and Tums class today, so if i pick up any tips I'll report back! Lots of lunges seem to be the way forward :)
quagmire Posts: 45
Hi Pretzel, that sounds like the biz, do you mind me asking where abouts is that class? i really need to join something to get focused and get my ass in shape!!! keep me posted on how you get on :thnk
Tess72 Posts: 1173
I'm the same, a size bigger below the waist and a whole lot flabbier, for some reason weight just accumulates down there. If it's any consolation it's supposed to be a healthier shape than the apple shape, apples apparently have a higher risk of heart disease. I've no tips for toning up there though. My husband says lunges and squats are the way to go. The last time I was in the gym I did a lot of lower body weights and found that my thigh muscles really developed but the overall size definitely did not get any smaller and didn't appear any less flabby. I also did a good bit of running - 10K 3 times a week but this didn't make much of a difference either. Although I did feel fantastic. I'm pregnant at the moment but when I'm settled with the baby I think I'll get a personal trainer get specific advice about it.
papillon Posts: 1305
It's a common myth that you can spot reduce an area of your body. You will always be a pear shape even if you lose a lot of weight, you'll just be a smaller pear. I think pear shapes are sexy though.. I am one! I would keep up the exercise though and do plenty of resistance training.
quagmire Posts: 45
i know that i will always be a pear shape, my problem is that i have gained some weight in the lower have, and while i do lots of exercise, i cant seem to loose that extra bit around bum etc. my season for sports is finishing up in the next 2-3weeks, so i'm wondering what is the best exercise to focus on the lower half, is spinning any good. :wv