Peeling Skin

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shootingstar Posts: 1340
Hi Ladies, Ive just come home from a 9 day holiday in the sun and I tried my best to keep my skin moisturised and kept suncream on to avoid my skin peeling, but it happened O:| O:| One shoulder and my back are destroyed in patches of peeling?? Anyone any suggestions as to how to stop this or how to mend it? Ive a weddin on Saturday and I have a backless dress? Anyone any quick solutions and does anyone know if I can put fake tan over it?? Thanks
sugarkk Posts: 1384
Nothing you can do - either way it's going to peel off, it's already dried out. It's just a matter of time. Best thing to do is beat it do the punch - exfoliate with something like Dove exfoliating shower gel in the shower with a mitt. Then moisturise a lot. Then the next day or too after lots of moisturising you should be ready for the fake tan. Just don't scrub too hard - you don't want to peel off an extra layer!!
deborahcurranmakeup Posts: 174
Tan is not a good idea if the peeling is bad. If youi can get your hands on Eucerin (10% urea) this will lock in the moisture and is better than normal moisturisers. I would wait a few days before exfoliating if you can as you don't want to dry out the skin further before the cream gets a chance to work. Hopefully if you get the eucerin soon you may have some chance for the fake tan by the end of the week. If you don't have eucerin, Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream is also really good. Good luck. :) Deborah Curran Makeup Artist
tcm2007 Posts: 53
well it probably won't help now ..but BIOOIL it keeps your tan , a lady in a bridal shop told myself and my sister and she was right !