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Sphynx Posts: 6795
I had this and went privately for physio sessions - got exercises to do and was told to go walking (NOT swimming) in the swimming pool - I tell you I felt light as a feather in that pool when I could barely walk anywhere else. I also got a support belt to wear (Serola) and was v. careful about what way I lay in bed. Luckily it just disappeared after 6 weeks of not being able to walk anywhere but have been told I'm likely to get it again on any subsequent pregnancy! It's awful- you have my full sympathies - but do try the water-walking - it's such a relief while you're in there if nothing else. And you do need to tell the midwives you have spd as there are some positions that aren't suitable and they shouldn't have your legs too far apart for the pushing!
sandym Posts: 774
I had SPD while pregnant the last ime..was hospitalised 4 times all in all as the pain was very bad and had to wear a pelvic and back brace from 32 weeks onwards.. ATTN babypeanut: I have two back braces..I have a really sturdy one which is great for relieving the pain and takes all the pressure of your bump from you pelvis. I also had acloth one then that I wore in bed. I mislaid the cloth one as I still had it on going into theatre for my c-section and I don't know what they did with it but I have the original one. If you want it I'll post it to you if you PM me your address. If you don't want it it's free to anyother ladies suffering. It's a size 5 which the physiotherapist told me is the most common size so it should fit all shapes and sizes.
mamabelle Posts: 1101
My God sandym that is rough! Did it only kick in on the last child? My SPD is manageable at the mo with lots of rest - I'd hate to think it'll get worse though if I have more kids.
sandym Posts: 774
yes just on last baby..doctors said it was because my pelvic joints were looser after the other 2 babies..when I turned over in bed my pelvis would go "CLICK!" was so loud it used to wake up my hubby every time i turned and when I stood up :o0 very painful but teh back brace was great..had to have a planned section then as babies head hadn't descended and as I had one previous section I wouldn't be able to push too hard. NB: If you have diagnosed SPD ask about the epidural. I was told that I wouldn't be allowed to have one as I might be doing more damage to myself if I was to have it and I wouldn't feel it..I was better to deliver naturally in my senses..make sure and case was severe but make sure and ask..wouldn't be nice to find out on the day you go into labour
Mrs Gump Posts: 10
Just a quick question! I am 13+3 and have been getting a pain on my pubic bone or just around groin area. I have some slight pain in my hips now and again. Its nothing that I cant handle at the moment but the pain in my groin...pubic bone area is very annoying. Would this have anything to do with SPD?
Lulu08 Posts: 175
Hi girls, Just thought i would reopen this thread as i have just been told i am suffering from SPD - had my first physio treatment yesterday, was given a support and shown some exercises to do but just wanted to ask if anyone had to give up work very early because of it - am really worried it will get worse and i'll end up laid up for weeks before I am due. I am 20 wks at the mo. also did anyone give up driving - I can sort of cope witht he pain at the mo but am praying it will get better. Any help or suggestions would be brilliant. Thanks :thnk
Mammypig Posts: 832
I have been off work for the last 2 weeks with it and am back with the docs tomorrow and hoping she signs me off for the last 3 weeks as I am in bits if I'm in the car longer than 20 mins. My job took me 1 1/2 hrs to get to so there is no way I could sit in the car that long. I have the belt and have had 1 physio session which has really helped so if I was you I'd enquire about this. 20 weeks is very early to finish work but remember you need to look after yourself and baby. hth
bluebell78 Posts: 202
Hi all - I had to reply when I read this post - I think I may have this too. Two days ago I had such bad pain, very low down/groin area and I went to doctors, I could hardly walk or sit, I am only in my 18th week, and the doc checked first if I had a urine infection then my temparuture and all was fine, then she decided to check babies heartbeat and seriously after 15mins she found it, I was so panicked about this, anyways she sent me for an emergency scan as she did not take comfort from the heartbeat cause she was loosing the beat at time. So up to the hospital I went to the gynae dept. and met a consultant, who did another scan and asked questions whether I was bleeding etc and I was'nt but baby is fine, she said that the pain was ligaments strteching in the pelvic area and that it would pass and that was it basically. So I took yesterday off work and no pain this morning, back at work today, I sit all day, and I am back at square one the pain is terrible, its like a pressure pain, the only relief I get is lying down - what should I do, I would really aprreciate your advice
rushinbride Posts: 1097
lulu, I would have certainly had to give up work with my spd, I was already signed off before my spd became wk 35 there were days i couldn't drive, lifting my legs for the pedals in the car was too severe, on good days i could drive to my sons school to pick him up but that was it - and thats a 5mile return got progressively worse up until the day i had my DS, physio worked for hrs and on occasion i got 2 days out of it...physiotherapist told me i was one of her severist patients, altho she told me stories of worse off than me...i think next time i'll be upgraded to a wheelchair!!
Lulu08 Posts: 175
Thanks for advise girls - rushinbride you poor thing, sounds like you had a terrible time. Hope you are all ok now after having your DS - thats another thing I was worried about, if there were any long term effects? A few people have told me that as soon as they had their baby the pain went but not sure if this is the case all the time. I get the odd niggle when driving and changing gear - the physio said she would see how I get on at my next appointment and maybe reccomend I reduce my hours or request a parking space at work - it takes me about an 1hours drive each way to work and a 10 min walk from parking to the office. Didnt want to be signed off too early as I think I would go slowly crazy in the house for that long! Bluebell78 - I would defo go back and check again - I was getting small discomfort around 18 wks but put it down to a pregnancy thing - the physio told me that a lot of people think like me and leave it - then it gets worse, so she said its better to get it treated early. Ask your doctor or go to a physio for a second opinion - can only help not hinder. Thanks everyone :thnk