Pelvic Pain

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Mrs W Posts: 2923
I've had a sore/stiff pelvis this last few weeks but since last week I have pain at the top of my leg on the inside? I'm fairly sure its a muscle, its only on one side and can be fine one minute and then agony the next. Getting in and out of bed is very painful, rolling over takes about 10 movements and its even getting sore walking now too. I was with my GP and she thinks its a groin strain and recommended physio so I rang one that was highly recommended and he basically said there was little he could do for me and maybe to try a support belt. Its feels a bit like I got a kick in the groin and its bruised plus the muscle on the top/inside of my leg. Has anyone had anything similar? Did physio help or maybe a belt? Or will I just have to put up with it for the next 9 weeks? :o(
seedee Posts: 1017
sounds like SPD - symphasis pubic disfunction. it happens in pregnancy when the pubic bones become a little misaligned. there isnt really anything that cures it, but panadol or paracetamol, physiotherapy and a support belt is all thats been recommended to me for mine. ive had it since week 18 or 19! if its really particularly bad, you could get crutches. it really is a pain. literally!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Thanks Seedee, I'm going to have a look in mothercare for a support belt on my way home. The physio said there was no point in going as he wouldnt be able to do anything for me :o( I think I was looking for a quick solution and not having this for the next 9 weeks!
seedee Posts: 1017
i was hoping for the same. the first time i went, i was told it was just a pregnancy thing, second appointment i was told take panadol, it was only the third time when i was insistent on being told something more productive, that i was given the name of the physiotherapist, and a belt was suggested. apparently pelvic floor exercises can help, and keeping your knees pinned together when you're getting up or rolling over in bed, getting in and out of the car etc. no quick fix for us m'dear! hope it doesnt get too bad for you over the next few weeks. mainy cos that'll be a good sign for me! :o0
Mrs W Posts: 2923
My doc is hard to get anything out of and first she said it was just everything loosening up and tough shit, when i said about the muscle pain she had me up on the bed pushing my legs different ways to find the sore bit and then said it was a groin strain so would send me for physio. I knew I wouldnt get a public appt before the weekend so thought I'd go private and the best recommended one then tells me theres not a lot he can do for me! I think it may have been the pelvic floor exercises that strained the groin muscle in the first place too so I'm staying away from them! I was trying to be good and use the fit ball from 30 weeks but I think that made it worse or maybe it was the legs open on the ball that did it either but it was awful sore after an hour on it the other night. A bath before bed helps though, if it eases off or I find a miracle cure I'll let you know!
seedee Posts: 1017
haha! thanks! ill do the same. and keep those legs together. thats what got you into this bother in the first place!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Good point! :o0 :o0 :o0
beaker Posts: 379
Surprised at your physios response. I had to go a fewcweekscago and this is what she told me No breast stroke in a swimming pool, it feels better but your actually doing more damage Pillow between your knees in bed and keep your knees together Knees together getting out of bed, kind of roll out. And also getting in and out of the car Minimise stairs, go up one step at a time You can put an ice pack on the front of your pelvis, but not for too long Loads of pelvic floor exercises, do them after you've been to the loo, when you're washing your hands.(it's a good reminder) and don't do them on a full bladder as you can give yourself a kidney infection by pushing the urine back up. Don't balance on one hip, if standing try not to stand for too long and keep legs together I was in absolute agony a few weeks ago and it isn't as bad since I started the exercises. Hope this helps, if I remember anything else ill post it. You don't have to be in pain for the rest of the pregnancy which was my big fear
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Physio can absolutely help spd, so ignore whoever told you it can't! At a minimum, it will stop things getting any worse. Your maternity hospital should have a physio team who will see you (gp, midwife or consultant can refer you if you can't self refer) and give you some advice. Other than that, find a physio who specialises in women's health who will be able to give you some exercises. Pelvic floor exercises are important, but you have to do them properly. There are different kinds of support belt available, depending on your particular needs, and again, a physio who knows what s/he's talking about will be able to give you the right advice.
the fortress Posts: 341
Had SPD on my last pregnancy. I found I did most of the damage while moving around at night so the physio advised me to tie a scarf around my knees when in bed. It seemed to help.