Pelvic Pressure

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thelostdj Posts: 173
Hi ladies, I'm at 20 weeks and having been getting ferocious pelvic pressure on and off over the last week or so. Really feels like the baby is trying to get out :eek I just have to sit down or lie down to relieve it and can't bear to walk at all when it's happening. I've mentioned it to consultant and he said it's not unusual in second pregnancies and was just wondering has anyone else had it?
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I dont know what i'd call the movements I'm getting. its like pressure/stretching very low down on either side? They can be a bit painful too? I dont even know if its baba or just me, I had a sort of rumbly tummy the other day that was a bit like the bubbles/flutters people have been talking about? Sorry I'm no help!
thelostdj Posts: 173
Mrs W Im getting the stretching thing as well, quite sore at times! The rumbly tummy could well be first flutters of movement though!