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wishingwell Posts: 253
Hi all, as I'm sure most know penneys r now doing maternity but not every store, any one kniw if dundrum r newbridge r doing them? Blanch is, was there last wk but didn't hav time to go browsing,
Happyhappy14 Posts: 9
Also does any1 know what size penneys maternity clothes go up to? Thanks x
pinklady001 Posts: 268
I was in penny's at the top of Henry street yesterday and they pretty much had nothing! Skinny jeans, some black or white vests, and nursing nightdresses, I was very disappointed! Whether they've just completely sold out or what I don't know, but that is one of their biggest stores so I was expecting a bit of variety at least.
angie27 Posts: 194
I'm in cork & I too think its useless! They had minimal variety when they introduced it here a few weeks ago & now the stock seems to be whittling down to nothing. Looks here as if there not even restocking, very disappointing!
Baby Powder Posts: 265
I've been in the ones in dundrum, blanch and swords, and they've all got fec!k all, few pairs of jeans, white or black vest tops in size 6 or 8, maternity/nursing bras that run very small and are incredibly uncomfortable! Have got any pieces so far in H&M an find them super comfy! And most have cost €15-€20!!
hyperrational Posts: 697
They go up as far as size 20. I love the jeans, lovely and long and washed really well.
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
I bought 2 pairs of the ultra soft skinnies today in black and indigo. They are so comfortable and glad to hear they wash well. You can't go wrong for €15 a pair. The sizes go up to 20. The maternity range is basically one small rail! Minimal choice - skinny jeans, a couple of t-shirts, vests that looked too short for maternity and a few awful looking bras...I think that was it. I was just happy to get the jeans. H&M was nearly picked clean of my size!