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wishingwell Posts: 253
Hi all, as I'm sure most know penneys r now doing maternity but not every store, any one kniw if dundrum r newbridge r doing them? Blanch is, was there last wk but didn't hav time to go browsing,
Plus1makes4 Posts: 721
I was in the one in Pavillions yesterday and OMG its tiny!!! It had 1 dress (which I bought although it does look a bit tent like), I nightie (which I bought coz it will be more comfy then pjs in the summer), a few vests (all size 6 and 8) and jeans (not over the bump waist band :o( and all length 32", Im a short ar$e) Its a start though and I hope they expand it. Dunnes do maternity tights in case some people dont know. Black opaque €7.
wishingwell Posts: 253
Ah that's a pity, I dnt like jeans that arnt over the bump, I feel I'm constantly pulling them up.. I do want to get a few vests and nightwear, might hav a look in dundrum tomor, I'm out that way, I'll let ye know what's there
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Their Facebook page has a list of stores that have maternity. Dundrum, O'Connell st and Mary st definitely do. The range is quite limited and a lot is sold out. I got a maternity/nursing nightdress and two dresses. The dresses are lovely fitting, light and suitable for summer, only €12 each. They had nursing vests but I didn't like them. I didn't look at the jeans.
excitedlady Posts: 431
Yeah the range isn't great at all. Anyone looking for vests should look at the ones on littlewoods. I got a pack of three for €15 I think and they are a great length. They're not maternity but are long enough and quite stretchy. I also bought a pair of jeans from new look online which were very good value. Good maternity stuff is so hard to find!
wishingwell Posts: 253
So I had a look in dundrum, disappointing, one rail wit just jeans (not otb) and tops that wernt great, got a feedin vest to c what its like, the bras will b no use and they r underwired and solid shaped and will not look good when pushed dwn for feeding, they r obviously just testing the water atm.....
Plus1makes4 Posts: 721
I got some vests in Penneys, not maternity but they are long so thats what i'll be wearing. I must try on the dress I got in Penneys, although very afraid it will make me look bigger but at least it'll be airy!