pens for signing the register?

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whitedress Posts: 123
has anybody bought any nice pens for signing the register?
ItsOK Posts: 849
MIL bought us one of those feather pens in Easons - nice for the pics!
Mooches Posts: 875
We used this It looked lovely in the photos and is still working nearly 2 years later! There's enough space on it to get it engraved if you wanted to. HTH :wv
lady lolly Posts: 391
That pen looks fab Mooches. I wonder if they still do them 2 yrs on??!! Would love one!
whitedress Posts: 123
they still have them. i saw them in newbridge shop in blanch the other day! they are lovely.
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
Does the church not supply the pens, I dont really want to buy a special pen that I will never use again just for one photo
lady lolly Posts: 391
Cheers whitedress! Might take a trip over to Newbridge tomorrow!
oopsadaisy Posts: 67
lady lolly can I ask you an entirely unrelated question to this thread? how did you get your avatar to work? been trying to get my to work all morning and I cant :-8
lady lolly Posts: 391
Hi discodolly, Hopefully i can explain this alright!!! Go into User control Panel Click on profile Click on edit avatar Then i opened a new tab and googled avatars and then clicked on images. When i found the one i wanted i copied the URL. Then i went back to weddings online tab and pasted the url in and clicked save! Hopefully this will work!
oopsadaisy Posts: 67
Lady Lolly thank you very much- have spent last 50 mins trying to resize avatars etc to no avail- think I finally have it I hope!!