pens for signing the register?

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whitedress Posts: 123
has anybody bought any nice pens for signing the register?
lady lolly Posts: 391
A friend of mine bought a white feather pen for hers! It was gorgeous, thinking of getting one for mine. She bought it on ebay as far as i know! HTH
BrideinArmagh Posts: 102
I got a lovely gold coloured pen in an ivory base on ebay - i didn't want a feather pen but somthing fancy but a bit simpler - it was perfect, HTH :wv
Gembira Posts: 847
We bought the Newbridge Quill Pen & Holder set. It looked lovely in the pictures and we have it sitting out on display at home now. Obviously not the cheapest option but I didn't want feathers or anything like that, we thought this was very classic looking.