Pension (and other) cuts

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lux Posts: 6270
I had a meeting in work today about our pension arrangments. I'm in the public sector and we're fully expecting a further rise in taxes and the pension levies. One of my colleagues is an economist and has worked out that within three budgets if our taxes/levies/pension contributions increase, those who are now retired will be earning more in pensions than we do for doing the job, even though they may have retired before 65 and with less than 40 years service. Pensions seem to be untouchable, the usual arguments given are that people work hard all their lives (like everyone does in the workplace), have paid into it (not necessarily, pensions are being claimed by people living in the US-one couple claiming a pension left Ireland in 1963 in a case I am aware of) and that they deserve a little in later life (however my generation will more than likely be working well beyond 65. Does anyone think pensions should be cut like child benefit? I always heard it said that Ireland looked after the old and not the young, given the cuts to children in benefit and education it would seem to be the case, especially when one considers the ancillary benefits pensioners also receive.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
No, I don't think they should be cut. Both of my grandmothers are widow's and have been for years. As result neither worked because they were raising families and now they only have the state pension, no private pensions etc. One of my grannies was very sick this time last year and the only way she could get treated in good time was by going privately, including private convelesence after she got out of hospital. This took up the bulk of what little savings she had so no I don't think people like my grannies should have their pension cut. Whatever about people who have private pensions coming in - maybe that should be means tested or at least a % taken off it.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
I don't think they should cut the pension as people at that age have worked and contributed to society all their lives.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
No way... In general older people claiming the pension [i:2bn48onx]need[/i:2bn48onx] all that money. So many people don't have access to a private pension or any other sourse of money. They are solely relying on that to get by. They have expenses like any of us. They shouldn't be targetted so the government can make up for years of mis-management. So many people worked their bums off for years and the least the government can do is let them live their days in dignity and comfort and not have to scrape by.
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
I don't think they should be cut. Our grandparents lived far harder lives than we do now. Ok, cuts may be coming in but my grand parents were raised in the war and lived on rations, lived in houses without central heating and bathed in a tin bath in front of the fire. Times might be hard now, but we're all going home to a hot meal and a warm bed, probably a glass of wine too and a nice TV to watch. Our lives are very luxurious even in these days, and to take from the elderly would be disgusting.
lux Posts: 6270
But we've taken from every other recipient of social welfare-from austic children who have had their SNA cut, to carers' allowance being cut, child benefit, dole, lone parents payments. Are they less deserving than pensioners, some of whom have substantial private pensions?
paperclips Posts: 3146
dont think that the old age pension should be affected. As the majority of elderly people claiming state pensions wouldnt have an alternative income and have to live off SP and maybe if they were fortunate to have some savings. As for personal pensions, I worked in the Financial Services, particulary the pensions section, and I will never invest in a pension. I think people would be better off investing in a second property or saving it. My FFIL had a pension worth nearly 200k 4 years ago, today he'll be lucky if its worth 65k. I have seen so many cases like that - its just horrendous.
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
Oh no, I don't think anyone is less deserving. I just think that the elderly have already had their fair share of hardship and should be left alone, but I'm really thinking of the ones who just receive state pension. As a previous poster said, maybe the private pension holders could have a % taken? But I def think state pension should be left alone. It's so hard, as it's never going to be fairly done. Someone is always going to suffer :o(
Twirl Posts: 5598
I would be fuming if they cut the pensioners. I did meals on wheels years ago ( the place i worked for did it every so often ) but you should see the way some people live, dark and dungeny places now maybe they have piles of cash but i would hate to think some elderly person is living like that because they have no money and it absolutely sickens me to think the govt might cut the only bit of money they have ( in some cases ), they had nothing to do with this mess we are in and worked hard for what they have.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
No, I don't believe the State pension should be touched. My parents are both pensioners, almost 70 years old, and only receive the State pension apart from my Mam who has a small private pension of €107 every fortnight, so roughly €50 extra a week. They find it a struggle to get by (I think it's roughly €220 per week), even though they do receive certain entitlements such as free travel, a free TV licence, some free electricity units and they get their standing charge on their bin free, from the city council, though they pay per lift so put a tag on each bin they leave out and pay for that themselves. They still have to pay for their gas, the rest of the electricity bill, the phone bill, the television bill (they have basic cable, about 14 channels) tax, insurance and petrol for their car, rent and food. They also have six grandchildren and there's always a birthday, Christmas, Easter. They are also entitled to have a social life and go to their local once a week, on a Saturday night. They also put some money aside each week for things such as if the cooker breaks or if a relative is ill and they suddenly have to go down the country or over to England. They also pay Life Assurance, House Insurance each week as well. This year they were turned down for a medical card, because of my Mam's €50 extra a week even though she suffers dreadfully from severe arthritis meaning she requires regular medical attention. Our doctor charges €50 per visit and her prescription comes to around €300 - she would therefore have to pay the full €120 drugs payment scheme charge plus the doctor's charge. So she earns an extra €50, but has to shell out €170. Luckily our doctor is great and has appealed this for her and she's waiting to hear if she'll get the card, he seems to think she will as he's been instructed to keep taking her even while she's waiting to hear. They've rejected my Dad out of hand. They've both worked since the age of 14, rarely missing a day, paid every cent of tax that they owed and never taking what they weren't entitled to. They also put four children through third level education and produced four, hard-working, tax-paying upstanding citizens (if I do say so myself!). I think they deserve their €220 per week. (And as for 'we've already taken from other social welfare recipients' - that doesn't mean it's right! It was wrong to cut carers allowance, SNA's, grants from schools, all of those cuts were wrong and shouldn't have happened. Cutting the pension to somehow even things out is even more wrong.)