People dont seem to like my girls name !!!

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2to3 Posts: 182
Your opinions please Have had some very severe reactions (both good and bad) to one of our chosen girls names and wondered what you guys might think: Forerunner is : Sally - (but most of my immediate family dont seem to like it ) Other options: Abigail - Abbie Yvonne - Evie What d'ay think?
Delish Posts: 4176
I love your girls names. Sally is my fav, then yvonne. Lovely pretty and feminine. Go for Sally!
the winner Posts: 4148
I like it. Its different but I do think of aunt sally in worsel gummidge :D Sorry [img:3o2xynzp][/img:3o2xynzp] I dont like Abigail but I do like Abbie I dont like either :( Yvonne - Evie Sorry but Im sure you want me to be honest. I do like Effie or Katie or Molly or Brook or Willow . I like strange names I think :D Good look deciding .. PS as soon as you see the baby you will know:D Are you having a girl??
lastminutebride Posts: 785
I like Abbie a LOT, but there are bazillions of them around the last few years - otherwise it'd be very high on our list too. I don't really like Yvonne. Sally's nice - feminine, a little old-fashioned (in a good way!) and not too common.
2to3 Posts: 182
ya thats what I like about Sally Its not very common but not totally out there like Abbie was my number one for ages until I realised that it had become such a popular name and I really have a thing about not wanting a very popular name I also love Kate but discounted it for that reason ! Funnily enough I am not put off the name Sally even though I know my mum and sis dont really like it - My sis in particular really dosent like it and my mum has been suggesting alternatives which means she doesnt either !!! Its goes well with our surname and also sort of goes with my name which I like !
MammaMia Posts: 33
I like Sally as well. Our girls name is Charlotte and people are not responding to it either. Apparently its a bit "dated". :o(
2to3 Posts: 182
Winner I LOVE Willow but not sure I would have the courage to go with something so unusual. We dont know what we are having but have decided (much to my disappointment really) to name it after my DHs dad if its a boy so only really have chance to choose a girls name ! Willow - its really lovely also like Holly Ah man now have even more to consider !!!
lastminutebride Posts: 785
I respond to Charlotte! I think it's lovely. Willow, too. There are so many pretty names for girls...boys' names are WAY harder.
MaltaMammy Posts: 853
Oh Sally is lovely! It's not a name you hear very often but it's a lovely name. I like Abigail too but I know a little brat called Abigail so that puts me off - funny how that happens, but it is a lovely name, Yvette is nice too, nothing wrong with it at all, but Sally is really lovely. Good luck choosing, you will know as soon as you see the baby - or so they say!
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Not pregnant or anything but i love the name Evie. That is on our list of when we are pregnant. Evie Isabelle Ruby Sally is nice and is not a commonly heard name at all nowadays. I like Abbie too.