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Mrs NoDateYet Posts: 288
I go to the first supermarket I can find, I cannot bake and as for making bread does buying one of the odlums ready make bread packs (just add water) count??? My house isn't spotless...but I'm happy and so is my husband! I love the spicy tomatoe sauces and i just can't get a home made one to taste the same so i stick to the jars. Trust me you're not alone!!!!!
ritadoyle Posts: 359
78 I have a suspicion that you'll be in the majority in this one! Sure loads of people do things differently and that's the way it's meant to be! Sure, if we were all the same we'd be fierce boring! The only thing that would get my goat is the way they feel they can comment on what you do! It's absolutely out of order for them to say something to you about the way you do things! Cheeky b*tches. Sounds to me like they obviously don't have too much going on in their lives if they've time to be doing all this crap! Next time they try to belittle you about not making your own bread, tell them you were too busy making sweet love with your DH!! They sound like a pair of saddos!!
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
I'll bet they also shop in Avoca ... Next time one of them makes a remark like that, tell them life's too short to stuff a mushroom and you've far better things to do in the evenings than slave over a hot stove - fetish nights, boxing lessons, Brazilian waxing, tattoo design. Anything that will leave their jaws dangling.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Ha ha,Well im sure you have heard the saying dull women have immaculate house.
totallydisorganised Posts: 4
totally agree w lois. tell them you admire them but just don;t have timet o go to 4 shops as you are desperate to get home and do amazing thing to dh's johnson
TokenMale Posts: 6845
They sound like the most boring women ever. Strictly for guys who are looking to replace their mothers. Most people have better things to do with their lives. You should lay off the Dolmio though. That stuff is horrendous. :wv :wv
HappyEverAfter Posts: 143
Just tell them that your talents lie in other rooms of the house...
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Yeah tell them your a lover not a cleaner. :o0
78 Posts: 69
Thanks everyone - I don't feel so bad now!