People not turning up on the day

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WifeZilla Posts: 1222
I didn't realise this until i was doing out our thank you cards, but it looks like 12 people didn't bother turning up to our wedding on the day! Only one couple had a valid excuse - the poor wife had a bad chest infection and was very sick, so that was fine. But nobody else even rang or bothered to apologise for us having to pay for their uneaten meals. That's cost us €600!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
Oh I know how you feel. 10 people didnt turn up to ours and not so much as an apology since, it makes my blood boil!
brookee Posts: 751
oh wow i never even thought about this happening thats incredibly crap of some people O:|
milis Posts: 7998
A friend of mine got A TEXT on the morning of her wedding from someone who 'wasn't going to make it'. I wouldn't be impressed. I can only assume these people do not realise how much the meal costs or that it had to be paid for anyway
Betsy May Posts: 2168
:eek There is so much about people I never knew until WOL - I can't believe the rudeness - not even to send a note afterwards.
niadan Posts: 259
Yup we had four not as bad as ten but it still annoyed me to have empty chairs and it cost us about €500. The height of rudeness but i don't know any way around it. It's a chance you have to take on the day.
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
I hadn't even thought about this happening, obviously it happens quite regularly from whats said on posts here, its the height of rudeness, the number you give to the hotel is the minimum number of meals charged, surely ppl are not that ignorant, they know if they don't turn up, they meal still has to be paid for, they obviously just dont care, if it happens at ours and there is a legitimate excuse like "my husband sliced his finger off" :o0 , i will be telling them exactly how i feel.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
This is not something we had considered either, God that is so rude to accept an invitation and not turn up without a very good reason. Most couples work hard at their guest lists and I am sure there are other that would have loved to be part of the day. >:o(
Bridget Posts: 539
I was invited to a wedding with my ex BF (neighbours of his) a few years ago. A day before the wedding, he said he 'didn't feel like going'. I had a job to convince him to go. I had to EXPLAIN to him that if we pull out now, 2 dinners would go to waste, as the couple probably had no.s given to the hotel. Also, I had the present bought, and we would have to give a present whether we turned up for the meal or not. He just didn't seem to be able to GRASP this. His attitude was 'there will be loads of other people at the wedding so we won't be missed'. In other words they won't notice 2 empty plates, having to pay for 2 extra dinners. >:o( Not so bad if 2 people do this with good reason e.g. sickness. But if 10 or 12 do this, the costs can lead to a few hundred. I notice a lot of the people doing this are single males, who can't grasp the concept of 'booking' numbers and that 'you can't just turn up (or not) whenever you feel like it. If couples/more mature people did this, I would never bother with them again. In fact I would ask them WHY they didn't tell us they were not turning up.
Trish07 Posts: 506
We had four people at the church that didnt sit for the dinner. One couple didnt make it to the reception, she said something came up and they had to go home. Another girl who had brought a friend made it to the hotel but got a call saying her daughter was sick so she had to go home. To be honest there could have been more people but I gave the hotel a number 10less than I had acceptances for and we had a family of 6 that decided to come on the morning of wedding(long story) and we still only got charged for the final number I submitted.