People's reactions...funny... am I being over-sensitive?

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Mrs.G Posts: 1828
hey ladies, bit of a weird one... have barely told anyone yet that I am pg, family & only one close friend. Anyway, told another really close friend just there & she just said "I knew". I asked did someone tell her (no one could have really...) and she said,"no, i just had a feeling". Didn't hug me , say congrats, anything... ... it was so cold. She would not be a baby-person really, but the reaction has left me wishing I just kept my mouth shut.... ...feel really upset about it now. Anyone else had a similar experience ( I hope not!)??
steen Posts: 1335
Mrs. G - I think its do with the person and if they have kids or thinking about it. You mentioned that she isn't really a baby person - she probably didnt realise that she might have offended you. All I can say is wait until you start to get a bump and random people start touching your belly - very weird :eek
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Is there any possibilty that she could have had a bad experience, m/c or been told she couldn't have kids? I was a bit nervous telling one of DH's friends as she's been married now for 4 yrs and no baby and I wouldn't want to assume that our news would be met with joy and not a little jealousy. I had a m/c about 10 years ago, and even though it wasn't the right time for me to have kids then, it was still v v hard for me to take pg announcements.
goingmad Posts: 657
I had something similar with my SIL - we always go out together when she's visiting with my brother & have great sessions, anyway over xmas we were all out St Stephans night & every couple of mins she would make a comment like 'Oh poor you - must be bored out of your head not being able to drink' & things like that - I let them go - what was the point, But since then we actually had a conversation about baby's & she said straight out that she couldn't believe that I would be so stupid to have a baby so soon after getting married - we'll be married 2 years when the baby comes & we've been togther 9 years!! She was going on saying things like, isn't there so much more you want to do with your life etc. I was very taken back by it. So hun no I don't think you are being over sensitive about it. If people can't be happy for us they should just keep their mouths shut!
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
hey girls, thanks for the replies... no, she hasn't mad a m/c or anything like that. I dunno... it was just funny. goingmad, that SIL would have driven me mad. Can't people understand that you have never been as happy in your whole life? Hate having to justify yourself.
mischa09 Posts: 1068
I told DH sisters last night and they said it was " The worst kept secret ever" said they knew already and were just waiting to be told !! It was down to the fact that i hadnt been drinking over christmas! They did seem genuinely happy for us though!
lmc1978 Posts: 423
i had a similar reaction from my best friend. she didnt say she knew but she was like 'oh sh*t' when i told her as if i had been caught out by a teen pregnancy! I am 30 and engaged to DP and very settled. its obviously her worst nightmare but even though i was upset at the time i had to try and ignore it. its me that is having this wonderful experience and not her. now that i think of it....she has not asked me once about anything to do with the pregnancy! ah well! some people eh? Congratulations by the way! :wv
micksmrs Posts: 931
Mrs G, everyone comes across differently, I am not a Huggy type of person and sometimes have been described as being cold. That doesnt mean that I am not happy for them. I wouldnt really be a baby person either but would always congratulate someone who disclosed that type of news. While your friend didnt say Congratulations to you, maybe she meant to and it just escaped her when she said "I already knew". Try not to take it too personally, if she is a good friend then take it for granted she is happy for you, unless of course she tells you otherwise.
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
thanks all, ya sure she was happy, maybe she just doesn't know how to express it. Congrats to all too!!
Martiespride Posts: 997
i have a so called friend of mine who i will be distancing myself from from now on. she hasnt had the manners to ring me since i told her im pregnant. an ive known her all my life. im looking at it like: its her problem to deal with and not mine and a reflection on her character. that sounds harsh, but there has been tonnes of other incidents, she is just never happy for me!