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Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
So far we have evoked some tears and shock...We told one of H's Sisters, My Parents and My bestfriend. BF and SIL cried ..Parents were very excited but no tears...we're telling rest of the family on Friday night I know I will be raging if anyone responds with "I knew it" as I thought we were so careful in keeping it a secret!! :o0 What about the rest of ye? what responses did you get? Any you were dissapointed with?
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
I know because myself and DH were only married in July, pregnant in Oct and announced in Dec that a lot of my friends gave the :eek :eek "Why so soon" Response!!!! I did get some.. "I knew it" responses but I didn't mind so much as they were at work mostly and from toilet breaks, being off the ciggs and always driving on work nights out over xmas it was probably a give away! Enjoy thoug cos this really is a great time telling people...Congrats :wv
jarashow Posts: 3083
You know I was only saying to hubbie what fantastic reactions we have got. Everyone we told seems so excited for us, it's sort of odd, not that we aren't excited but they seem to be more so than us. Having said that we knew and they didn't so there was the element if surprise for them. There were tears from just the parents, but such excitement with everyone, we are very lucky.
Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
[quote="jarashow":229qy7gd] Everyone we told seems so excited for us, it's sort of odd, not that we aren't excited but they seem to be more so than us. .[/quote:229qy7gd] So far we have been the same we are do delighted but you just kinda dont show you excitement in the same way! SIL was crying jumping up and down we sat their smiling!! I would have felt silly to start the crying and jumping. :o0
honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
I reckon I got pregnant the day after our wedding, and we then went on a three week honeymoon so I did a test while on honeymoon so returned home five weeks pregnant. My parents were delighted although I know my father thought it was a bit soon but he didn't say anything. My mother asked a few weeks later how I felt aboyt it happening so soon, so when I said in a n ideal world we would have liked to have at least unpacked our suitcases before and taken a bit of a breather after the wedding that if it was a choice between it happening quickly or discovering we needed help the obvious choice was for it to happen quickly, she agreed. I am 35 so there is no point waiting. Other people were slagging us about getting a move on etc but were shocked when we did tell them I was actualy pregnant they didn't expect it to be so fast but everyone was delighted. My sister did say that she thought that maybe it would be a good idea to finish up work a bit earlier so that DH and I can spend time together before the new arrival and I think that is good advice.
Mrs Febbride Posts: 1234
We were a year TTC'n but nobody knew my MIL was very bad when it came to asking..she would ask everytime we visited!! SIL said that she expected sooner!! People really dont think!
mcglick Posts: 463
M family and his family are chuffed, mam cried, my sister whooped and jumped up and down ( shes 50 ) got a few I KNEW IT which is very head wrecking but sure im probably guilty of having said it myself in the past - will know in future :o0 No on in work knows about it ( except my boss who i told this morning) and will keep it that way til i get my first scan at the end of May.
delighted Posts: 258
we got a great response from everybody except my best friend! I am still a bit upset and puzzled by it! When i told her the first thing she said was "was it planned" so I told her yes very much so, we are married for over a year and then she asked did i only get pregnant because my biological clock was ticking.....girls i am only 27!! the same age as her....i have been avoiding her ever since...
chloe100 Posts: 97
We didn't tell anybody until I was over the 12 week mark with the exception of my bestfriend who's a midwife when I had a scare at 6 weeks. Everybody was thrilled, My dad took it all in his stride but you can see he's quiet chuffed ( first grandchild) My little sis who's 16 just can't wait and is picking names and all. We got a few 'I knew its' which is a little annoying and then there was Hubby's parents who said..... ( wait for it ) thet they couldn't imagine us looking after a child??!! O:| Their point of view is that we have a very ' hectic, work orientated lifestyle and are alway jetting off somewhere'. I wish it were true!! I'm 30 my hubby's 36 and we're so excited about our new addition.... Even though I'm still alittle upset my the comments I'm sure it sounded alot than was actually intended..
workingmom Posts: 3429
Mainly shock, even ourselves, we were very shocked even though we were trying.... we have been together 11 years and married last year, I think people just saw us as a twosome, and couldn't believe it when we told them, but we are not even thirty yet! My parents were shocked, but delighted, my little sis is extatic, MIL said it was about flipping time, and my SIL who has her own 2 kids actually welled up with tears, that was a weird reaction, we are not even that close, and my friend in work the only one I have told said she knew it