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mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
i was well chuffed to heat Beyonce announcing her bump! im still performing and was great to see her up on stage singing her heart out with her belly!lol i have a clip of me singing with my guitarist if yous wana have a look! im trying to stay on stage as long as i can, but the more JB is growing the less space there is for my lungs!lol hope you like our wee clip!!
buffyandangel Posts: 166
Wow! I can't believe that anyone could have such a great voice! I feel a bit weepy after hearing that!
RoseDawson Posts: 1494
Well done you, that was lovely :wv
dion Posts: 986
I think that is excellent, well done.
peachesncream Posts: 34
What a voice, amazing! no bother to you belting out the notes, you look fab, best of luck :o)ll
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
thank you all so much
fizzbomb Posts: 198
ah MrsP - thats FANTASTIC !!! You've some voice. Why havent you been on xfactor? :wv
lottie79 Posts: 343
What an amazing voice! I absolutely loved that!
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
almighty angel Posts: 281
Absolutely gorgeous :)