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carzy Posts: 9
:D Hi all, I am getting married in 11 days and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on a lovely bridal perfum. I have only begun to think of that today. All advice welcome. Thanking you. Carol[/b]
Astra Posts: 1409
Hi Carzy, There was a similar post on this subject last week. Here's the link so you should find what you're looking for there: ... ht=perfume Best of luck with your wedding :D
carzy Posts: 9
Hi Mrs 06, Thanks for that information. That has helped no end. I am going to run down town tomorrow for a look. I just cant wait to finish work on Friday so I have 6 days free before the big day. Best of luck with your wedding. :D Carol
kas Posts: 105
i wore lacoste pink, fab fragrance
Mrs EJ Posts: 365
I bought the limited edition of Vera Wang Sheer Veil - special offer in Brown Thomas fro €75...its gorgeous - want to wear it the whole time!
carzy Posts: 9
:D Hi Girlies, I am going to head down to Arnotts now for a quick sniff of the perfums on offer. I reckon chance by channel would be lovely. The girls I work with brought in a few of their favourites so I love that one and I reckon I will get the whole set of body lotions ect. I am so excited now as I have only 10 days left and it is so hard to concentrate on work. Friday is thankfully my last day and I just want to begin to chill for the day. Take care and thanks again. Carzy
charli3309 Posts: 129
hi carzy, i have chanel chance and its my fav perfume ever! its lush!! i def recommend it. Best of luck!!! :)