Period after cection?

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mam2be Posts: 94
Hi girls, i had my beautiful baby girl nearly 10 weeks ago by emergancy cection and had light bleed for nearly 4 weeks after it. But my AF has yet to return, how long did it take for any of you before getting it again. I thought that after 10 weeks it would have returned by now?? thanks in advance :thnk
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I had light bleeding for about 3 weeks after too and then again for 2 days at 4 weeks. I then got a light bleed for a few days at 6 weeks which I'm not sure was AF or not but now at 10 weeks I am having another bleed so I presume this is definitely AF. I have heard though for some people it can take longer to come back.
secretsnuggler Posts: 374
I am 8 weeks post-section and still no sign! I never thought I'd WANT my period back, but now I would like it to make sure everything is okay in there!!
Gnomie Posts: 676
A friend of mine has only just got hers this week after having baby in mid-August!
Octoberbaby2010 Posts: 257
Im 5 weeks post section and im still having light bleeding... is this normal? im bf so would this be contributing to it?
Carlow09 Posts: 234
I didnt have a cection, but my lo is near 10 weeks and still nothing happening here.... would like to know that all is ok too. Actually got fear at one point this week and thought maybe i'm preggers !! Although then realised its totally impossible as we're so tired these days :zzzz: :zzzz: Anyway, glad i'm not the only one :wv