Period like pains

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novice1 Posts: 276
Good morning, Can anyone please advise me. I'm 35wks pregnant and for the last few days i've been getting very mild period like pains a few times a day. the only way I can describe them is that if I wasn't pregnant I would be saying my period is on the way. Last night they started to get a bit stronger, like my period would be due today. I'm still getting them this morning. I've never got Braxton Hicks is this it? It doesn't feel tight around my bump atall. Just wondering I this normal a few weeks before the baby is due?
goingmad Posts: 657
hi novice, it really does sound like settling pains, but to be honest if I was you I would be contacting my gp because they are getting stronger. There's no point taking any chances now that you've come this far *)