Period on wedding day

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Smallpackage Posts: 85
Hi ladies, I know this is probably tmi and it's been asked before but does anyone know anything you can do or take to take away or ease the symptoms around time of the month, for me its bloating and cramping (also emotional and ravenous!! but I'm sure nothing can really be done about that). I really, really don't want to feel like this on wedding day and the few days before : ( Is there anything you take or do just usually anyway that you would recommend please? I've heard of ponstan; is that good? Do you need a prescription? Im not on the pill. I've heard about a tablet that will stop you getting period altogether but I'd rather not do that. Thank you.
toderick Posts: 2
HI -- Ponstan can lessen the flow for you so if you remember to take them 3 times a day on the day.... not easy with everything else going on! you can get something to take called Primolut N to delay your cycle but you need to start it on the cycle or two before your wedding so you push the previous months' dates forward if you get me? Hope it's helpful! O-O
lorraine78 Posts: 988
If i were you,i'd be cautious about taking any medication you dont normally take especially on your wedding day.Iwas due mine the day before the wedding and it came this morning,cant believe it! Maybe take some nurofen plus to take the edge of the pain,and drink loads of water or tea?
MrsFlushdraw Posts: 365
I was wearing a tight white dress at a wedding and went to my GP about the fact the period was due the day of the wedding and they are really heavy on the first day. SHe gave me two tablets, one was Mefac hard capsules and I would need to dig out the other one. I know its not idea to take tablets but if you want to lesson your period that day then maybe you should. Start taking waterfall tablets 10 days before the wedding/period to stop the bloating. I have used them before.
LaurenLou Posts: 62
Would you consider going on the pill? even for just a couple of months? It will allow you to completely skip your period. I came off the pill a few months ago, but I'm going to start taking it again next month, and if I'm due around my wedding then I'll just skip the 7 day gap so I don't get a period that month. Completely ok to do that, doctors have told me that its fine to do it every now and then. I'll do the same for honeymoon too.
Upwardsandonwards Posts: 321
This has been freaking me out too! Great to know there are some steps around it!
ExcitedB2B2013 Posts: 140
I can't help you with how you can stop your period, but there are supplements you can take for the emotional side of things! I can be an emotional wreck coming up to and during period and mentioned this to my doctor the last time I was there and she advised I take Evening Primrose oil with Starflower oil. Seven Seas brand have this exact type. Got mine in tescos. Its working for me so maybe it might help you as well! Weddings are emotional enough so any little must help!
MrsFlushdraw Posts: 365
Found the other tablets. They are cyklokapron 500mg tablets. ... on-tablets I was told to take both of them to slow right down the period.
Smallpackage Posts: 85
Thanks so much for all the tips and advice wollies : ) I think I'd be lost without wol