Period type pains at 34 weeks

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kittysue Posts: 1016
Hi Girls.... during the night I got what I can only describe as period type pains in my lower abdomen. It happened about twice and I'm just wondering is this normal. What exactly are Braxton Hicks.....?????and will you know when you have them. I went to my GP yestereday (not my usual one) and the doctor that saw me really stuck his hands into my belly to feel the baby - I think this is because I told him my baby was in the breech position.... but I just wonder maybe this caused the pain....... Any words of wisdom????/
dreamer Posts: 3941
It certainly could be that the doctor just aggravated a ligament with his feeling around. Everything is quite loose and tender at the moment. Also, all my stretching pains to date have felt like period pains and I am 34 weeks like you and have started to get more stretching pains again. I think I got a braxton hick but it was different - it was more of a tightening sensation than an actual pain if you know what I mean!! :wv