Personal Shopper - anyone know one?

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daisymouse Posts: 23
I am hoping someone can recommend a personal shopper for me. Is there such a thing in dublin? I know it might seem a bit portentous but I desperately need one. Thing is I HATE SHOPPING with a passion. I love fashion, I like looking well but I simply have no patience for shops. I am getting a bit desperate as my workshoes are wearing thin, work suits are 4 years old (bought 6 in one hit) and all in all I have nothing nice to wear ANYWHERE. Im small and slim - like funky and conservative at the same time - pretty easy to buy for. My hubby does his best and arrives home with clothes for me every so often - if it wasnt for him Id probably never get out.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
Debenhams do a personal shopper service and I think house of fraser might as well. House of fraser pricier but nicer clothes (i think) and they do shoes too
rady Posts: 919
daisymouse, there is a personal shopper in bt2 who is an absolute dote and so helpful. i wandered in there to buy some jeans and just asked for some help and lo and behold i was given the personal shopper. it was so easy in about 5 mins she had lined up about 8 pairs of jeans and was so nice . anyway i told her my budget and i came out with the best fitting pair i own. they transform my figure. bt2 have both funky clothes and some ladies suits too. i cant recommend this girl highly enough. she was australian hope she is still there
pluppy Posts: 3519
topshop do a personal shopper service too
daisymouse Posts: 23
wow - Im thrilled, I never knew I could walk into some shops and just book a shopper. thanks for the tips girls.
NicholaG Posts: 11
Hi there, sorry to jump in on your thread, but thought you might be interested to know that we provide a personal shopping service at The MakeUp Room: I hope this helps, Best wishes NICHOLA