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excitedlady Posts: 431
Hi, So I actually made up our personal website and we've decided to put the address on the invites for directions to the church and venue which is great. Saves us printing loads of pages to send with the invites. So my question is.... Can an RSVP section not be added to the personal websites??? It would be a great little one stop shop!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
I think so. We had a website and one of the pages was an RSVP section. Which website did you use? I think we used my Did you use an actual website and did your own page or did you make your own webpage?
excitedlady Posts: 431
I created the one in my hub here on weddings online. The link to the directions is great for the invitations but it'd be great if people could rsvp while there too rather than either create an email or go to two different sites. 1 for directions and 1 to rsvp.