personalised bathrobes..ideas please!

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tabs Posts: 65
Ive ordered 2 white bathrobes for my bridesmaids, both sisters, as gifts. got the idea from a thread here recently. im gettin them personalised but dont know what to put on them. i could just have their names and date of wedding but im looking for something a bit witty. my brain is not able to operate today :hic anyone have any suggestions please?
babsjones Posts: 52
HI i#m doin this and am gettin Chief on my sisters and Maids on the other two on the back and hetting the date on the front with each of their names!! :o)ll They dont know!! !
shala Posts: 1733
Hi tabs - where are u ordering them from? It's a great idea!!!
tabs Posts: 65
hi Shala i got the idea here from another wollie on feedback. im computer illiterate so hope this works babsjones, that sounds great. might just to that myself.