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littlemisslucky Posts: 221
Hi Wollies, I would really like to send personalised thank you cards with a photo from the wedding day on the front. Have any of you done this and where would you recommend to go? I had a quick look at Vista Print and Photobox but thought it might be good to get opinions from people who've already done it. I heard you can choose gloss covers or matte and such but don't know much else. Also, can you put text on the inside or is it only the cover that you can design? And lastly do they come with envelopes? Thanks :wv
candlequeen Posts: 991
Someone I know uploaded one of their wedding pictures to MS Paint, then added a thank you message and got them all printed on photobox. They're essentially photographs but you can choose matt or gloss finish. She sent them in envelopes. I thought it was a lovely different idea rather than the standard cards. I'd assume that vistaprint would let you design both the inside and the outside? Also, if you're not registered with Vistaprint, do it now because they'll send you out regular offers with really good discounts to try and get you to order :o0
Rosewater Posts: 372
We bought ours on Vistaprint, they were perfect and very reasonably priced. You can write a personal message in the middle and on the front.