personalising favours??

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skittles Posts: 1312
i wasnt going to do favours at all but now i've decided to do little thank you magnets for everyone and leave chocolates on each table. the magnets have a design on one side but the other side is blank for customising. im going to write 'bride & groom' 'wedding date' 'we would like to thank you for sharing our special day with us' except that last line just doesnt sound right to me O:| anyone have a better way of saying thanks??
skittles Posts: 1312
actually i've just changed my mind about the magnets cos it'll p[b:1vgs6h43]i[/b:1vgs6h43]ss me off to see them all thrown on the floor at the end of the night >:o) - chocolate or sweets it is! :o0
kila2008 Posts: 678
Hey...was in one of the €2 shops yesterday and I found packs of "Magnetic Photo Paper - Gloss"....€2 for pack of 2 A4 sheets....used for printing your own magnet but you must use an inkjet printer...haven't tried it out yet but I did stick one sheet to the fridge to make sure it was magnetic! :o0 Just thought I would mention it in case you are making the fridge magnets yourself!