petals for the tables

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wollie01 Posts: 248
Hi Everyone :wv Anyone know where I can get petals for the tables, want to get purple ones??
wannababba Posts: 1161
Hi Ya I seen them in Lantz, or check your local Euro stores cos they tend to stock them from time to time
caoimh Posts: 479
hi i am looking for them too in fuschia pink colour, ive tried lantz to no success.... anyone know anywhere that does a broader range of colours or that can order them for you???
Doris09 Posts: 4
Here's one that might do them:
allaboutweddings Posts: 813
Hi, We have petals in our site and they also include the colour fuschia - if you are looking for a colour not listed give me a call and I will try and find them for you. Thanks Michelle
bangel Posts: 2285
Try this link, Don't know if the colour will be right for you. \
caoimh Posts: 479
excellent thanks a million for the help girls, had been looking for those petals for ages!!
Holly02 Posts: 21
a website my cousin used last year is they really reasonable and ship to ireland. they have a good range of colours
val2bwed Posts: 194
Check with your hotel before you buy the petals as I was lucky I rang to ask if they allowed petals or table confetti and was told they only allowed plastic table confetti as the dye in the petals can leak onto the tablecloths!