Pets at Christmas- reminder

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workingmom Posts: 3429
Just a reminder to all to think long and hard about gifting any pets for christmas, the pounds are already full with unwanted dogs and puppies and the people who rescue them are under pressure to save them from being euthanised as many pounds close over xmas. Any pet, whilst a novelty at christmas, is an extra burden come the new year. Please please think long and hard about it. I am not preaching, but I do volunteering work myself with pound dogs and I know the realities first hand. And if you must buy a puppy, please make sure that it is not from a puppy farm, or better still, consider the little pound puppies who have no homes. Thanks all, no offence intended, just a little reminder is all. A happy Christmas to you all. G.
Guest101 Posts: 261
Now that's a reminder I can understand... at least you weren't telling us to be careful not to give candles to your pets for christmas for fear of them burning the house down!
rio Posts: 995
gk, where do you do the volunteer work as i was thinking of become a foster for the local pound? em
workingmom Posts: 3429
Emma, it depends where you are based, PM me and I will get some info to you, trolley thanks for the reply, no I wouldn't worry if people want to be stupid and give their dogs candles for christmas, burning the house down and waxy poop to clean up!! G.