Girls, Just a quick post for anyof you wondering what to expect from your first appt - going public in holles street and had my first appt yesterday afternoon (Tuesday). Went early and got all done in 2 hours. Checked in at reception, got my history taken, urine test, then bloods taken - then I got to see the consultant. The midwives were just lovely - can't say the same for the consultant though - He was relatively pleasant but very arrogant! I'm 17 weeks and he said he wanted to see me in 8 weeks time - at the same weight! I'm 5ft 6 and wight 70Kilos/11 st at 17 weeks. I had said I had been very tired a lot and he said if I didn't put on anymore weight for the next 8 weeks that I wouldn't be so tired!!!!How I'm meant to go from 17 weeks to 25 weeks without putting on any weight is beyond me! He just felt my tummy and said that the baby was quite big and was I sure of my dats etc but i didn't get a heart bet monitor or anything - was a bit disappointed - have to wait another 4 weeks for my big scan! Anyway - I'm going to go with the midwives clinic in Holles st from now on as they will talk to you and you can build up a relationship with them unlike the consultant!! :) Cheers Libra Girl