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mrsrockstar2b Posts: 92
I was just wondering if anyone was using DietCare Pharma Nord or CLA Booster Pharma Nord or perhaps both??? I was thinking of giving them a try. :-8
mrsrockstar2b Posts: 92
So as an update, I decided to get both packs and I started this morning... going to start exercising over the weekend and get myself in gear. Starting weight is 161lbs >:o( But it shall improve... only 21lbs to go. :)
Sheatsea Posts: 63
Hi there , how u doing ??? How are you finding it
mrsrockstar2b Posts: 92
Really bad actually... couldn't take any last week because i was on Difene and Paramol due to neck pain so i haven't actually exercised........ >:o( So as per usual my plans are failing but alas I will be back on them tomorrow.