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boutiquebride Posts: 279
Registered our intent to marry and then rushed around all day trying to get Honeymoon sorted so Ive just booked it!! So Scared.. three weeks New york then Caribbean cruise then mini road trip then back to New York for 7 nights! Sorry but it just doesn't seem real. I have never travelled and Im bricking it! Except to Italy and Spain for hols. Cant even eat now! :o)ll
mrsryan07 Posts: 274
Oh, so exciting! It'll be great fun! You'll love it! How long are you going to be away in total and what time of the year?
miss may b Posts: 528
Sounds amazing, you will have a fantastic time! Are you scared of flying?
boutiquebride Posts: 279
It does sound amazing written down! I agree, just a big step for me! We are going in May and its three weeks in total. Missmay2b i hate flying! But I feel ill never go anywhere if I don't take the plunge, and I've been quite sick the last few years so I kind of need to do this. Im just a big wimp :o0