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jelliebean Posts: 41
Hi Guys I need to get a new double buggy and like the look of the Phil and Teds along with the idea that you can get adapters for the Maxi Cosi car seat. The thing is I am a bit addled by whether to go for the: * Sport * Dash * Vibe I was just wondering if you had any recommendations and just an fyi the website website has very competitive prices for all three. Thanks J[/url]
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I have the sport and i love it. I don't know about the car seat though as I had 2 in it so car seat wasn't an option for me but it was never a problem either iykwim. I know someone who got the vibe recently and they have sold it for the sport as they found the sport more sturdy. There was a thread on this on another forum... ok found it not exactly but a bit of insight ... 8&t=191116