Phil & Ted double buggys, Dash, Sport or Vibe?? Confused

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Lady Di Posts: 2487
Hi guys well post topic says it all, I'm so confused between the three different types of the Phil & Ted double buggys! Anyone know which one is best, or what the difference is and also if they all fit a cat seat that will click into a car base?? I find it all mumbo jumbo when I look it up online!! Any advise would be very much appreciated!! :hic
choclover Posts: 61
Hey Lady Di, Have decided on the dash! Only preg on my first but figure it is an investment as fingers crossed no 2 will join us over the next few years! My sis has sport and loves it. One thing that puts me off it is that break as at ground level and can get in way when walking, break on other 2 is on handle bar. the place where kid puts feet on is plastic (more hard wearing) rather than canvas on sport. with dash u can attach either phil and ted or maxi cosi car seat (using adapters which cost around £20) Think u can attach car seat to sport but dont think its an option with vibe. Thats all i can think of at mo, good luck with ur decision!! Best deal i can find is £495 for dash including doubles kit, cocoon and raincover *)
MammySpice Posts: 2501
it's all soooo confusing...
theoracle Posts: 7664
I am still in doubts over this. I have seen one today (not sure which model) and the baba just seemed to be nearly skimming the floor in the back seat, esp. when the mother was crossing the road. It is kinda putting me off also not being able to see the baba down there. I was fortunate enough that I could use the M&P travel system on dd1 and 2, ie just trasfer the car seat onto the pushchair facing me, so am considering investing in a double one where I could still do that ......AAAAARGGH, decisions, decisions... O:|
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Ladi Di we got the Dash too for the same reasons as Choclover and after agonising over many different types of double buggy! Would have gone for the Vibe but couldn't justify the price just for something that looks cool - also the Dash is easier to fold.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Thanks guys I'm always confused over these type of things! I'd say I'd go for the Dash then, but I know a shop at the moment that has a sale on and the vibe is reduced to 550 I think which is good isn't it? I'm confused about the car seat as well, I know that they say the heavier child is always to go to the front but when the car seat is attached does the heavier child go to the bottom in that case?
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Sorry just reading your post again choclover and if the car seat doesn't go on the vibe then that'll put me right off it! I'll look into that then!
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Oh god I've just seen there's a new one now called the hammerhead!!?? O:|
Spooner Posts: 274
I have the dash got it at great service, although as far as I know you aren't supposed to use the car seat ( ie as a travel system ) if you have a toddler in the toddler seat ( bottom seat) The only gripe that I have with the dash is the handle bar is a bit stiff, hoping it will losen up a bit with use and also you need both hands to operate it but that's a small price to pay for such a compact buggy
Lady Di Posts: 2487
[quote="Spooner":2e68xzip]as far as I know you aren't supposed to use the car seat ( ie as a travel system ) if you have a toddler in the toddler seat ( bottom seat) [/quote:2e68xzip] THanks Spooner, do you know if this is the case with all of the phil and teds by any chance?