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fit Posts: 315
Has anyone got a Phil & Ted's 3-wheeler pushchair I will be using this from Birth and will require the car seat etc to go with it? Would you recommend them? Are they practical? This will be my only buggy Where do you know would be the best place to get them?
piripiri Posts: 165
My 2 friends have them...can be used from birth. U can put them down flat for sleeps although both girls have Moses basket downstairs for naps. I'm thinking of them too...just want to see how heavy they are and how easy to fold. Let me know if you find out more
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I have it and highly recommend it! I had the Jane for DD1 but when DD2 came along 18mths later the P&T was called for!! I much prefer it to the jane it is sturdier and so easy to manoevre. It is ok for NB as they lie flat. I don't know much about the car seat as that wasn't an issue for me. The brake on the sport one i have is terrible though as it is so hard to push. A friend of mine got a more uptodate one where the brake is just a button on the handlebar and its fab!!! So in case you are in doubt I love mine!! :lvs (20% discount at HipBaby. To avail of this offer type HipRec in the promotional box)
piripiri Posts: 165
Hi Hipbaby What car seat do u use? Do u slot it into the buggy? (1st timer here & haven't a clue!!). Can u lie down baby in it when they're napping during the day? Did u get the cover and cocoon etc? sorry for all the questions but no clue here!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi there well I had a mxi cosy (brilliant!) but I never used the car seat with the P&T as I had an older baby as well so i needed it for the 2 of them. You can lie baby down for naps during the day it basically lies flay. I have the cocoon which is fab if you have a winter baby, didn't bother with the cover. I bought the pannier bags as well but with just one I dont think you would been these. i also boutht the hang bag and thats brilliant as you just pop your little incidentals into it (wallet, phone etc) HTH :wv
wombats Posts: 665
I want to get this too, think it looks brilliant. I've found it cheap on these sites and
milis Posts: 7998
They are really easy to put up and down, and not too heavy, even I can manage it, and I'm not great at those things. :-8