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walrab Posts: 14
Hi all, 1st baby on the way and just wondering what you all think of the Phil & Teds Dash. We went to see one at the weekend. Not too sure about car seat adaptor as it has to be fitted separately. A bit of a nuisance if your gettin rained on. Speaking to the girl in the shop and she informed us that the vibe will soon have this option. (vibe is lighter). Have been advised Phil & Teds is a good option, especially if your planning on having a 2nd child. Cant decide, too much to choose from. O:|
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
Hi Walrab, We've recently ordered the P&T dash too - the main reason being the hope of having 2 kiddies close together. I know that the vibe is 2kg lighter than the dash but as the dash has the brakes at the handle, folds up better and has the car seat adaptor plus the plastic footrest rather than fabric, it seems more practical. The car seat adaptor is very simple to put on or maybe I just fluked my test run with it. I've heard very good feedback about it, although I do get a bit of pram envy when I see the likes of the bugaboo or the Stokke as they're more attractive looking. Good luck with your search... : :wv :wv
walrab Posts: 14
Hi hoodieboodie Thanks so much for your input. Much appreciated. We headed out again this evening to have a 2nd look and and I think we have made up our mind, the dash it is, it makes more sense. Thanks again, best of luck :thnk