phone number for semi private combe appoint

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babybuttons Posts: 886
does anyone have the number to call to make semi private appoint in combe. i tried calling earlier and was being given all sorts of numbers and getting through to funny departments.
babylove08 Posts: 254
Hi its 4085275 - thats straight through to oonagh the Semi Private Secretary. :wv
babybuttons Posts: 886
brilliant thanks.
babybuttons Posts: 886
hey does anyone have another number for the coombe. i have called this number everyday and left messages and no answer back. :o(
mrs.july Posts: 3167
408 5463 or 408 5464 I rang and siad i was making first time appt for semi-private and got date straight away.
babybuttons Posts: 886
cheers mrs july. i just called one of them numbers and its giving me the same number i was ringing again so i am getting through to the same voicemail and have emailed them twice and not a bean from them. im getting angry now this has been going on for a week. WTF are they just ignoring me O:| O:|
jill80 Posts: 565
I'd same problem, left emails and voicemails. Eventually made public appointment(letter conformation day later), few days later got email saying semi-private appointment available on a certain day, would I take it, I replied yes, and could they confirm the time. Got no response, nothing in post. Rang hospital over Xmas hols to see what story and girl on phone told me they had NO record of semi private appointment but had public one. Her advice was to keep public as would be ages at that stage waiting semi-p. HTH
babybuttons Posts: 886
jill08 how are u finding the public care?